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I'll swallow you

Written between September 16, 2002 and May 2003.

I finished the lyrics to this song just as the first lineup broke up, so I sat on them until the new lineup needed some new songs. Sorry about that...I'll try not to let it happen again.


this heavy heart that I'm begging to lose
has plagued me since I caught a glimpse of you

and oceans too, when sky's colored them blue
can't fool themselves and try to glow like you

I can't forget, but so scared that I knew
the way to make you smile the way you do

or think I did; and skin's just a balloon
so tense when asked to hold it in too fast
too hard, too soon, too much, too soon

this shaky house and the top of the room
don't bother me when I'm a touch from you

you said it's true when I whispered to you
our bodies linked but hardly in the room

and as we move, my head's bursting for you
electric arcs are jumping out into

the lightning blooms; our eyes closed but they knew
the jealous noise above will drown us both
and I'll give in and swallow you

I'll swallow you