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live archive

This is to be a complete list of past shows featuring all available audio recordings, photos, and interesting stories.

date; venue; bands in order from first to last

38. 2004-0623 we; gunther murphy's; starlister (acoustic), darren of the changes, matthew of scotland yard gospel choir
37. 2004-04-06 tu; the metro; p1xel and the chronic network, starlister, dig for fire, health & beauty
36. 2004-03-13 sa; transmission gallery; starlister, p1xel and the chronic network, gays in the military, millimeters mercury, the sixtyeights
35. 2004-02-07 sa; gunther murphy's; p1xel and the chronic network, starlister, first coat, millimeters mercury
34. 2004-01-30 fr; whpk record library; live on "pure hype"
33. 2004-01-05 mo; empty bottle; first coat, starlister, health&beauty

32. 2003-12-13 sa; 1538 w. chicago; written in the sand, a brand new brand of energy, milk at midnight, first coat, starlister
31. 2003-11-15 sa; the lyons den; starlister, 68s, mmhg, rusty pipes
30. 2003-09-20 sa; bartlett quad, u of c; starlister, health&beauty
29. 2003-05-23 fr (10pm); big v's, St. Paul, MN; (an awesome duo, ex-urethra franklin), starlister, vox vermillion
28. 2003-05-23 fr (7pm); eclipse records, St. Paul, MN; starlister, the olympics, copy
27. 2003-05-17 sa; the mutiny; jennifer convertibles, short stack, crippled insectual, retsilrats, gays in the military, hair police
26. 2003-05-10 sa; 55th&ellis parking garage; starlister, pixel and the chronic network
25. 2003-04-18 fr; rc south lounge; 2 girls with guy names, baleen whales, retsilrats, astomatous
24. 2003-03-27 tu; empty bottle; starlister, a-set, kanda, boyracer
23. 2003-03-07 fr; the mutiny; short stack, retsilrats, prehistorics, gays in the military, iq32
22. 2003-03-02 su; prodigal son; the logic of elliott, the pubes, starlister
21. 2003-02-03 mo; empty bottle; starlister, mike walker, gaberdine
20. 2003-01-11 sa; prodigal son; nada-om, starlister, 68s, millimeters mercury

19. 2002-12-29 su; empty bottle; comsomol diaries, the like young, starlister
18. 2002-12-05 th; hutch commons; cold heaven, starlister, red and black, prehistorics
17. 2002-11-23 tu; ida noyes; festival of marginalized subgenres (as retsilrats)
16. 2002-11-19 tu; reynolds club; cockrot, alvarez, sixtyeights, velcro lewis, p1xel, starlister
15. 2002-10-29 tu; basement of pierce; nada-om, downcast, eternal zwieback, starlister
14. 2002-10-20 su; bird park building, Kankakee IL; somnimage sound gallery (loren & sara on acoustic 12-string and harmonium)
13. 2002-05-30 th; basement of pierce; starlister,drexel,p1xel and the chronic network
12. 2002-05-14 tu; hutch courtyard; lollapalivingroom II (night 2)
11. 2002-05-10 fr; whpk record library; live on pure hype
10. 2002-05-09 th; fireside bowl; sadie hawkins, starlister, tom daily and the volunteers, tiara
09. 2002-05-03 fr; beat kitchen; jeff rufo's hyde park music festival
08. 2002-04-11 th; the cove; starlister, the sixtyeights, the abandoned silos
07. 2002-04-04 th; 2ndfl. cshop reynolds club; drexel, starlister, the better boyfriends
06. 2002-03-06 we; south lounge r.c.; starlister, vulture, vertonen, calvary, 36 invisibles
05. 2002-03-01 fr; steph's apt party; leon chance and the long shots, starlister, tom and cory
04. 2002-02-22 fr; 3rdfl. ida noyes; millimeters mercury, the planck length, starlister
03. 2002-02-15 fr; gallery cabaret; starlister, drexel, the better boyfriends
02. 2002-01-31 th; the cove; drexel, starlister, the sixtyeights
01. 2002-01-30 we; basement of pierce; the abandoned silos, lydia zacher, starlister