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A belief that nothing can change at all

Written between March and April 2002.


do you sleep like a child? do you wake up dreaming?
do you have thoughts of me? would you ever tell me?
I don't know about you, but my eyes are open
to the sky, through the street, through the fields I met you there

we move so slow and so far
nothing can change, not at all

I might love someone new, busy hearts still wander
I know you might just go, would our love grow fonder?
between us, it's too hard to think about the things I did
with the space trying hard to disappear between our hips

I hear you say as we fall
"nothing can change, not at all"

it should be no surprise that we're here together
subtle skin frozen cold in the strangest weather
and will we run away or sit and wait here for the spring?
carved our names, but the trees will be cut down eventually

and we'll be here, standing tall
nothing can change, not at all