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Your perfect voice

Written February 2002.

This is the first (and so far, the only) Starlister song in a minor key. I was really depressed when I wrote it. In March of 2004, our new lineup came up with an alternate ending which is much better than the old ending, so check recordings in the live archive if you want to hear that.


you said it's over and I knew you would, I saw it on your face
         I don't feel the same way
and do you think you'll ever come back here? it's not so far away
         did you want it this way?
and do you hope that I'll pick up our past and throw it all away?
         all those plans that we made
sometimes I think you were my only friend, could it be that way?
         I don't, oh, oh I don't know, I don't know

and all the photographs of you and me still haunt me to this day
         I can't tell if I've changed
and all the little things you gave to me still decorate this place
         I can't throw them away
I'm cold at night, I'm crying in my sleep, I'm crying out your name
         still don't dream to this day
your perfect voice and how I'd lose myself in everything you say
         please don't, oh, please don't go